Hotel Villa Carona, a restaurant that offers unique experiences

The refined cuisine of the Hotel Villa Carona proposes an idea of cooking that puts experience first, enhancing each ingredient without compromise.
Thanks to his numerous experiences in starred restaurants, our Chef Riccardo Crepaldi is able to offer unique culinary experiences always based on the use of raw materials of excellent quality, enhancing the local territory by drawing on gastronomic basins from all over Italy.
You will taste local raw materials (from the potato of Carona, to the escarole of the Colli di Bergamo, from the char from the Val Brembana rivers to the meat from the pastures on the Orobie mountains) and international ones prepared with innovative techniques and you will enjoy the great attention to aesthetics, both in the dishes and in the general atmosphere.

Our menu

The menu at the Restaurant Hotel Villa Carona offers colourful, expertly prepared dishes that mix tradition and innovation,
the expression of a philosophy of life in harmony with the land and the planet.

Our menu changes according to the seasonality and nature’s produce and is accompanied by an interesting and sophisticated wine list.
All to impress the most discerning palate.

Discover our menu and our events.

High mountain cuisine in a cosy and refined ambience. Genuine, refined and fresh ingredients. The focus on raw materials and the valorisation of local products immerses the guest in the atmosphere of Hotel Villa Carona: the connection with the surrounding nature.