ART. 1:
The opening and closing times of the spa are Monday to Thursday from 13:00 to
21:00 and from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays from 10:00 to 21:00. Access to the wellness area
is only possible with prior reservation;

ART. 2:
Minors under 14 years of age are not allowed access unless accompanied by an adult who will
will assume responsibility for them. Admission to minors is only permitted during the pre-established
time slot and does not include access to the sauna and Turkish bath;

ART. 3:
Villa Carona Hotel & Spa has the right to refuse entry to those who engage in
behaviour that is detrimental to the peace and respect for the place, the rules, and for other guests. We inform
guests of the Spa that certain areas of the Spa will be under video surveillance;

ART. 4:
Access is permitted subject to compulsory showering and inside the Spa (in the changing room it is not
the use of cosmetics and products not provided by the hotel), the use of mobile phones, iPads, cameras
cameras, PCs or any other electronic device;

ART. 5:
Inside the Spa it is forbidden to smoke/swim/behaviour considered dangerous by the
hotel staff as well as consuming food and drinks outside the designated areas. It is also forbidden to
to bring animals into the facility;

ART. 6:
It is compulsory to wear a swimming costume that does not offend modesty and in any way
comply with the regulations for beaches and public baths (topless is not permitted). It is obligatory to
undress and dress in the changing rooms, placing clothes and personal belongings in the spaces provided;

ART. 7:
Spa equipment and materials must be used with the utmost care and stored in the designated areas.
utmost care and stored in the appropriate containers. Any ascertained damage or theft will be charged to the

ART. 8:
Villa Carona Hotel & Spa does not manage the custody service of goods and valuables and therefore is not responsible for
the theft, loss or deterioration of any object brought into the Spa premises, even if placed
in the locker of the changing room;

ART. 9:
Villa Carona Hotel & Spa declines any and all responsibility for damage to persons or property, even of
third parties that may occur on the Spa premises;

ART. 10:
In the event that the emergency exit system is activated for evacuation, scrupulously follow
the directives given by the personnel in charge;

ART. 11:
Access to the swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath and treatments is not permitted to persons suffering from
infectious diseases, skin lesions, cardiovascular pathologies, diabetics, pregnant women and
persons undergoing chemotherapy treatments or other illnesses that prevent their use;

ART. 12:
In the event of cancellation, the reservation is non-refundable.
In the event of a change, this will be confirmed directly by the booking office and will not include any
reimbursement if there is an excess price difference. The modification must have an entry date
within 60 days of the booking date.